2010 December 23
by kvanaren

Well, not quite. But I am going to be off for the next few weeks, exploring the beautiful and frequently internet-less expanses of New Zealand, which sadly means there will be no blog posts until well after the New Year.

With that in mind, a few of my favorite moments from this year in television:

This is of course from the Mad Men finale, although were I to embed an entire episode rather than a single image, it would be “The Suitcase,” hands down. That aside, it’s hard to deny this moment as one of the biggest jaw-droppers of the last year. What are you DOING, Don Draper?!

Competing for jaw-dropping moments, the Lost finale is undoubtedly next on the list (or probably, another contender for first place).

Oh man, did I love this season of Doctor Who. I think Amy Pond is the best companion since the reboot began five seasons ago, and despite my initial doubts, Matt Smith is unquestionably a worthy Doctor Who – scary, funny, believably ancient and childlike at the same time. While I’m concerned about TV withdrawal over the next few weeks, I’m holding out hope that I actually get to see the Doctor Who Christmas Special on Christmas. (I hear it’s rude to show up at relatives houses and immediately demand the TV be turned on, though.)

Community has been one of the bright spots on network TV this fall, and although it’s impossibly hard to choose between the zombie Halloween episode, the claymation Christmas episode, and last spring’s “Modern Warfare,” I went with the bottle episode from this fall for sheer ballsiness. Truth be told, it’s probably due in large part to my fondness for bottle episodes (see above re: “The Suitcase”).

Oh hey, speaking of bottle episodes! Every day I wake up and wish Breaking Bad were on TV right now, and a minute later remember that watching an episode is like voluntarily putting yourself through an emotional cheese grater. Last season, “The Fly” was Breaking Bad‘s height of emotional self-destruction, and I cannot wait for this show to come back.

RIP, Terriers. This scene from “Fustercluck,” when Robert Lindus dies and everything kicks into crazy overdrive, was the moment I fell head over heels.

Happy New Year, and here’s hoping next year provides many more scenes as amazing as these.

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